Front Load Washer Benefits and Maintenance – What You Should Know

It’s time for a new washing machine, and there’s no denying the allure of the front load washer. These sleek, modern washers paired with matching dryers are the perfect way to update your laundry room. In addition to their good looks, they also offer a few other benefits.

Energy-Efficient and Eco-Friendly

The front load washer is significantly more efficient than a top load model. On average, the front load models use five fewer gallons of water for each load. That works out to approximately 2000 gallons of water saved each year. That’s a big deal, especially if you are paying a municipal water bill.

Front load machines can also cut down on drying time. Front load washers have a horizontal drum that drains more efficiently than the vertical drum in top load machines. More water is wrung out of your laundry, reducing the time necessary to dry it. This will reduce your utility bills as clothes dryers, like any heat-producing appliance, require a lot of energy. 

bigstock-washing-machine-4688218Save Money

If you’re shopping for a front load washer, you probably noticed that the price tag is a little higher than those of top load models. However, considering the money you will save over time on your utility bills, purchasing a front load machine will not only look great in your laundry room but will also be a wise investment.

Larger Loads

Unlike most top load machines, front load washers don’t have the center agitator, leaving more room in the drum for laundry. This can be a time and energy saver if you have a large family that generates a lot of laundry. And what about that bulky king-size quilt? No more trips to the laundromat to use one of their large machines when it’s time to wash it.

Cleaner Clothes

The tumbling motion of a front load washer relies on gravity to toss your laundry inside the drum. That gravitational force makes the drum spin faster, creating friction between the items being washed and resulting in better cleaning performance.  

Space Saver

If space is an issue in your laundry room, front load washers can be stacked with a front load dryer, taking up half the space of a traditional washer and dryer pair. You can even purchase a wash tower unit where the washer and dry come together in one unit. This leaves room for the laundry hamper, a table for folding laundry, storage, or whatever makes the laundry room more efficient.

Top Load Washer Maintenance Tips

However, when switching to a front load from a top load washer, there are some cleaning and maintenance tasks to be aware of before making your purchase.

High-Efficiency Detergent

Because front load machines use less water, they use less detergent. However, you need to use one specifically for high-efficiency machines. These detergents are labeled “HE compatible.” 

You should follow the manufacturer’s directions when purchasing detergent and never use more than the recommended amount. The same goes for liquid fabric softener and bleach. Use one teaspoon of fabric softener per load, and if you need to use bleach, one teaspoon for concentrated bleach and one for regular. Too much or the wrong detergent could impact your machine’s performance and may even void your warranty.

Remove Laundry Immediately

With a front load washer, you want to remove the laundry promptly. Leaving it lay in the washer creates breeding grounds for mildew which will leave your washer and laundry with an unpleasant smell.

Leave the Door Open 

To further prevent the possibility of mold or mildew, Leave the washer door open slightly when it’s not in use. This will increase the airflow inside the machine, keeping it dry and ordor free.

Keep Your Machine Clean

Front load washers have a rubber seal around the door. It is important to clean this regularly to avoid the build-up of hair and other debris. Using a 50/50 mix of white vinegar and water will remove any debris and prevent the growth of mold or mildew. Q-tips can come in handy for this task.

You should also clean a top load washer monthly. Some models have a self-cleaning cycle, or you can run an empty load with white vinegar and baking soda. You can also run an empty load with bleach. It is best to check and follow the manufacturer’s recommendation for keeping your front load washer clean.

Don’t Forget the Drain Pump Filter

This is extremely important and should be done monthly or bi-monthly, according to the manufacturer’s recommendation for your model. A build-up of dirt and debris can prevent your washer from draining properly. The filter is typically located behind the bottom panel of the base of the washer. However, the location can vary by make and model so check your owner’s manual first.


Ready for a Front Load Washer?

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