We specialize not only in refrigerator services, but more specifically in ice maker maintenance as well. The inconvenience of having a broken ice maker is not something to live with, it’s something to fix immediately. Our professionals are available 24 hours a day for emergency services, and promise to always arrive within a two-hour window to service any of your home appliances. Here are some common problems facing ice maker owners:

My Ice Maker Won’t Make Any Ice

If your ice maker has stopped producing any ice, but still seems to be making all the normal sounds, then it’s likely there is an issue accessing water. There are a couple things that could be wrong that your professional at Jersey Coast Appliance will be sure to check out:

  1. Does the water line have a kink in it?
  2. Is the water line frozen?
  3. Are all valves working?
  4. Is the solenoid receiving power?

Our trained personnel has years of experience and knowledge to know the correct steps to take in diagnosing the cause of issues with your ice maker.

My Ice Maker Keeps Over Filling

If your ice maker continues to overfill, our professionals know just what the problem may be. Whether it’s a water pressure issue or a water inlet valve that needs to be replaced, we promise to handle your ice maker services in a timely, efficient manner.

My Ice Maker is Way too Loud

Ice makers are bound to be loud. But when the noise reaches a level of concern, call professionals. It’s likely that a part needs to be replaced before something worse happens to your machine. We offer affordable parts and labor, so all of our customers feel comfortable giving us a call whenever an appliance question arises.

Contact us today at Jersey Coast Appliance for any of your ice maker service needs!

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