Jersey Coast Appliance covers the maintenance on all of your major appliances, from kitchen appliances to heating and cooling, to your washer and dryer. We understand the necessity of having a washer and dryer that works when you need it and as well as you need it to. Especially for our clients with larger families, washer and dryer repair is something that needs to be handed as soon as possible.

Jersey Coast Appliance is someone you can count on to help in times of emergency. In fact our phone lines are open 24 hours a day for a consultation or to set up a servicing time at your home or office. To add to our convenience, we also offer a two-hour window arrival time to best meet your needs. We know you don’t have all day to wait.

Our trained staff is fully versed on the ins and outs of your washer and dryer. They have the ability to take it apart, put it back together, and find out what parts are wearing thin. Put your home and office appliances in our hands, so that we can save you time, money, and stress.

Help! My Washer and Dryer Have Stopped Working

My Washer Won’t Drain Anymore

Customers know their washer is having an issue when they pull their clothes out of the wash, and they aren’t just wet, the clothes are sopping wet. The water is not draining, and not only is this an issue for drying and spinning purposes. But it’s also worrisome that the dirt and bacteria you were originally trying to remove from your clothes is no longer being appropriately rinsed.

If water will not drain, it’s likely there is an issue with the pump or the drain hose. Perhaps there may be a clog in the drain, just like there could be a clog in your kitchen sink. Whether it’s clothing, hair, or coins from your pockets causing the clog, our professionals know how to quickly remove and repair the issue. If the pump is the problem, there is probably no clog, and it’s likely the lack of draining has been accompanied by a loud noise. There is no problem we can’t handle. Our staff will simply remove the old part, replace it with a new one, and you’ll be good to go.

My Washer/Dryer Won’t Start

Your washer and dryer both function on electricity, so if they are failing to start, there are a litany of possible causes. There may be an issue with the door latch, the timer, thermal fuses, etc. Your dryer, and especially your washer are complex machines with tons of parts, which keep it up to speed every day. Troubleshooting potential issues by yourself can be an intimidating parts with so many problem possibilities. Let the professionals at Jersey Coast Appliance take care of the repair for you. We do this everyday!

My Washer Won’t Fill with Water

If you are having issues with water level, it likely has something to do with your water inlet hose or the inlet valve. Sometimes these parts can be hard to find and hard to reach. Let us take care of finding these parts and determining whether they need to be replaced. We will be sure to handle all of your washer/dryer services the most economical and energy efficient ways possible.

We sell and service the following washer and dryer brands: Whirlpool, LG, General Electric, Samsung, Maytag, Frigidaire.

Call us today at Jersey Coast Appliance for any of your washer or dryer service concerns, or for advice on purchasing a new and improved laundry appliance.

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