At Jersey Coast Appliance our professionals are certified in servicing all kitchen appliances, even your waste disposal. Waste disposal services are important on keeping your kitchen quieter, cleaner, and safer. Some of maintaining a working waste disposal starts with you. It’s important to know what exactly is safe to put down the drain and what can keep your appliance running at top capacity.

Tips to Remember:

  1. Periodically clean your waste disposal
  2. Run cold water while the disposal is on to prevent waste solidification
  3. Never put metal or plastic down the drain
  4. Cut large waste up into smaller pieces

Now for the times these tips are forgotten, call one of our professionals to perform disposal services at your home or office. Forgetting any of these tips may result in a clogged or corroded drain. Fixing your waste disposal can be potentially dangerous, so hire a professional to unclog your drain for you. They will make sure electricity is disconnected prior to any work being done, so that the service is safe and worry-free.

Sometimes waste disposal issues are not self-inflicted. Here are some problems that are much harder to prevent:

1. My Waste Disposal Won’t Turn On

When it comes to appliances (big and small) not turning on, it is usually electrical related. For situations like this call Jersey Coast Appliance. We’ll send out a trained technician to check your circuits, reset your machine, or rewire any electrical currents, so that your disposal is again pumping with power.

2. My Waste Disposal is On, but the Waste is Still There

Sometimes your disposal may be on, you may hear it humming, but when you look down in the drain — the leftovers from dinner are still down there. In this case something is wrong with a flywheel. A flywheel is a blade of the waste disposal that spins in order to chop up and consolidate your waste. A professional will be able to tell if the flywheel is just stuck, or if it was somehow broken. Our staff is trained in strategies to free a blade, or replace it if necessary.

3. My Waste Disposal is Leaking

Our professionals who specialize in disposal services are also versed in fixing any leaks along your disposal and your drain. They know the safest way to solve all of your kitchen appliance issues.

We service all major disposal brands and pride ourselves on our trusted service and dedication to our customers. We are available 24 hours for any emergency service questions. Contact us today at Jersey Coast Appliance for our disposal services, as well as any of our other appliance services.

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