At Jersey Coast Appliance, we know how important it is to have a well-running gas furnace during the winter months. For the safety of your family and your guests, it is vital to our health to live in conditions that are warm enough to survive and to easily function.

Our professionals are available around the clock at your convenience for any emergencies that may arise with your gas furnace. Living in an environment that is too cold is not an option. Call us immediately to fix whatever may be wrong with your heating device.

Why is my House not Heating?

Lets Start with the Thermostat

The thermostat is what allows homeowners and office owners the capability of adjusting the internal temperature. If this part of the furnace is out of whack, then the ability to control the temperature is now lost. This is the first thing a professional from Jersey Coast Appliance will check. If your thermostat set to heat? Can you hear it click on? Perhaps the energy source to your furnace is the issue.

Next is the Pilot Light

Just how a gas stove needs a pilot light always lit, so does your gas furnace. If your pilot light has gone out, it’s important to contact a trained technician to relight the pilot light for you. If the pilot light still does not remain lit, there may be a deeper issue. Parts of the ignition may be dirty, or there may be air in the gas line, that is continuing to put out your flame.

In checking the pilot light, the Jersey Coast Appliance professional will also check that the gas valve is open and allowing gas through.

Motor Belts and Fan Parts

Just like the inside of your car, the inside of your gas furnace needs lubrication to work properly. Without lubrication parts will slip and wear out quickly. As a homeowner attempting to detect these problems, a sign parts may need to be replaced is loud noises coming from your gas furnace. These kind of sounds may also signify dirty parts inside of your furnace that are inhibiting the major appliance from working at top capacity.

Don’t bother digging around inside of the furnace. Save time and worry by calling a professional at Jersey Coast Appliance to quickly diagnose your problem and take steps to fix it. Have symptoms ready to inform the team over the phone, whether it’s funny smells, sounds, or simply a lack of heat.

Just like with your home central air unit, it’s smart and proactive to call a technician annually whether you detect a problem or not. Our technicians will make sure the inside of your major appliance is clean and working efficiently. Filters may also need to be periodically replaced. Jersey Coast Appliance can also give helpful advice on how to better insulate your home or office, so you can get the most out of your gas furnace.

We are proud to service and sell brands including General Electric, Danby, Napoleon, Frigidaire, DCS, Lynx, and more.

You deserve to live in the most comfortable environment possible. So for all of your air control needs, contact us at Jersey Coast Appliance for any questions, concerns, and services.

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