When it’s hot and it’s humid in the summer months, your air conditioning has to be in perfect working condition. Unfortunately with an older appliance and constant use, parts can give out and homeowners can be left with an unbearably hot house. Don’t endure these kind of conditions, call Jersey Coast Appliance to get your central air fixed immediately.

Jersey Coast Appliance offers 24 hour emergency service for the unexpected times when your central air shuts down. The professionals we employ are fully trained to service any ailment your appliance may be experiencing.

We offer sales and servicing of our most trusted brands: Friedrich, Frigidaire, General Electric, Haier.

Why is my Home/ Office not Getting Cool?

So many reasons can affect why your central air may not be working. From electrical reasons to maintenance and cleanliness reasons, here are a list of possibilities:

Attending to your Air Filter

As you central air runs and cool air is emitted into your home or office, the air passes through an air filter. This filter needs to be periodically replaced and/or cleaned to prevent a hot house and to prevent dangerous overheating that could permanently damage your central air. Not keeping a good eye on your air filter can also cause your central air to work less efficiently. This becomes detrimental to your energy bill and to the environment. So call a professional to see if this may be the reason your house isn’t cooling off– it could be as simple as an air filter replacement.

Appliance Cleaning

When you have a central air unit, it’s advised that once a year a professional comes to check on it. This could save you tons of money in the long run and keep real estate owners up to date on the health of a very important appliance. One thing our technicians will check for is that not only is the air filter clean, but that the coils inside of your unit are also clean. If there is any dirt build up, it can really affect the efficiency of your unit. Homeowners may have to really crank up the air, when in years past this wasn’t necessary.

No Electricity

Another factor that could be affecting the working of your central air is a lack of electricity. Perhaps something has flipped your circuit breaker and caused power to be shut off to your machine. The problem may lie more in your electrical wiring than in your central air conditioning unit. Regardless of the cause, our professionals at Jersey Coast Appliance are trained to handle the situation, so call us for an expert opinion.

Dangerous Leaks

In order to run, your central air unit requires a refrigerant to cool the air that is emitted. If your central air is not cooling off your house or office, the professionals at Jersey Coast Appliance will run a check to see if any refrigerant is leaking. If this is the case, we will work to speedily patch up the leak and replace the refrigerant lost, so that your system will be up and running in no time. Yearly check-ups also do the job of checking that there is enough refrigerant in your appliance prior to the beginning of the summer months.

Don’t wait until there is a problem to call the professionals at Jersey Coast Appliance. There’s nothing worse than an unbearably hot house or office, so call once a year for a check-up on your central air unit.

Whether it’s an emergency service you need or just a basic look around, Jersey Coast Appliance is available to assist you with any sales or service needs when it comes to central air. Call us today!

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