Whether it’s a purchase, delivery, installation or service, Jersey Coast is the only place you’ll ever need to call. And our service staff won’t keep you waiting all day! Our famous two hour window of arrival is unbeatable, and let’s you keep to your busy schedule. You can’t get that kind of personal attention from the big box stores.

We are a team of professional appliance service technicians, master technicians and certified support personnel dedicated to serving our customers with honesty and integrity. Every associate at Jersey Coast Appliance subscribes to a code of ethics with the highest standards of moral and social responsibilities. If there is anything we can do to serve you better, please let us know!

Our Code of Ethics:

We have the following primary moral obligations to the people we serve. Since rational people act knowingly and freely, violations of these obligations raises the presumption of a moral wrong.


Lying or misrepresentation is understood to be a deliberate attempt to mislead others.


The freedom to make promises comes with the obligation to keep them.


A person, who has placed faith and loyalty in you, is entitled to a comparative degree of faith and loyalty from you in return.


Treat others, as you would have them treat you in return. Justice seeks reciprocal action.

These duties bind the fabric of our civilization, make social life and personal relationships possible. They also reinforce commercial and business operations as well. When injustice rules relationships, and harmful actions are the norm, social life and business relationships cannot survive.


Jersey Coast Appliance employs only professional appliance service technicians, master technicians and certified support personnel. Because of our high standards both in product selection and personnel, we can offer our customers a variety of products and services that cannot be found anywhere in our trading area. New appliance sales, service, used sales, HVAC sales, installation and service and extended service contracts are all available in one convenient location.


How do you feel when you are looking for something and the sales person does not know enough to help you make an informed decision? Or when you come home with something that was more expensive than you had planned because the sales person talked you into buying that item? It is the goal of Jersey Coast Appliance to make sure that each and every sale is a pleasurable experience. Our customers are happy with their purchase because we sell them what they want to buy and not what we want to sell.


Did you ever have to wait all day for a serviceman to arrive? Did the serviceman arrive without the proper knowledge to service your product? At Jersey Coast Appliance, we value your time as well as ours. That is why we will give you a two-hour time of arrival so that you don’t have to wait home all day.

Our service professional will arrive on time and with the necessary skills and training to have your appliance up and running in no time. And because of our high ethical standards you can be assured that when an estimate is given it will be an honest one.

Pre-Owned Appliances:

When an appliance breaks down it is usually unexpected and typically comes at the worse time. Not all of us have the financial resources to purchase a new appliance at the time we need one. Some of us only need or want a pre-owned appliance. That is why we offer only the finest pre-owned appliances to our customers. Each and every pre-owned appliance is hand picked and is fully service by one of our service professionals. Every pre-owned appliance is CHECKED / RECHECKED / CERTIFIED AND WARRANTED. We are proud to offer these appliances to our customers.

Service Contracts:

Many of our senior customers are on a fixed income and cannot afford a major expense that sometimes occurs when an appliance fails. To protect against this unexpected expense, Jersey Coast Appliance offers our Performance Plus + protection plan. This is a service contract that covers all parts and labor for the covered appliance. The cost is very reasonable and the term is usually for one year. We also offer package plans for four or more appliances.

Get Your Appliances Ready

Every season brings to new obstacles. Be prepared all year long.