Jersey Coast Appliance also specializes in servicing the smaller appliances in your home or office, like your microwave. Microwaves can last a long time with the proper care and maintenance, so if you run into a problem with your microwave don’t assume the first step is replacement. Our technicians are trained to diagnose even the smallest problems and to solve them efficiently and affordably.

The function of your microwave depends on a combination of electricity and radiation waves. With topics as complex as these it’s important to know —you don’t have to fix it on your own! There are professionals available who are fully trained in microwave services. And our professionals are available 24 hours a day for any emergency services.

Frustrations with your Microwave

My Food’s Not Getting Hot

I keep putting my food in the microwave, but it’s not getting hot! This can be super frustrating, especially in a rush. But what could be the cause? It’s possible your diode has burned out. This device is responsible for supplying enough voltage to heat your food. Without this energy production, your meals will continue to be cold.

It’s also possible that there is some sort of malfunction with your microwave door. If the microwave doesn’t register a proper door closing, it will not activate to heat your food. Our professionals will be able to disassemble your microwave oven if necessary and quickly identify which parts are not working. We have the tools and the experience to test for voltage and functionality.

The Carousel is Not Spinning

One of the beauties of a microwave is that they heat your food evenly. So, when the carousel in your microwave is not spinning, parts of your food are not guaranteed to be warmed. The solution may be as simple as readjusting the carousel to sit more evenly, but if this doesn’t seem to be the case, there may be a bigger issue at hand. Our professionals may choose to replace the carousel or perhaps replace the motor in charge of spinning the carousel.

My Microwave is Not Turning On

If your microwave is not turning on, it’s likely that there is an electrical issue. A strong, consistent electrical current needs to be running to your microwave in order for it to function at 100%. Our microwave services will put our technicians in charge of replacing the fuse of your microwave, so that the entire microwave does not have to be replaced.

We service all microwave appliance brands including: Maytag, General Electric, Whirlpool. Jenn Air, Bosch, Marvel, Lynx, DCS, and LG

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