Why do business with a certified service center?

Customer satisfaction is our top priority. As our valued customer you’ll reap the benefits of our nationally certified technicians. When any of your home appliances need servicing, you’ll be pleased to know that Jersey Coast Appliance provides only EPA certified, factory-trained technicians, and master technicians. We invite you to experience the difference in working with a nationally certified customer service professional.

Our clients rely on our verification of good business practices, our easy to understand written warranty and state of the art customer service policies and industry approved equipment. At Jersey Coast Appliance we’re totally committed to your satisfaction from our showrooms and well stocked service vehicles to our sterling code of conduct. They’ll be in and out of your home or business with the promptness, courtesy and professionalism you expect, and they get it right the first time. Your can count on it!

What should the temperature of my Refrigerator/Freezer be?

Jersey Coast Appliance offers professional advice and appliance services to keep your appliances operating at peak efficiency–ultimately saving you money. Did you know freezers will operate more efficiently when they’re at least 2/3 full? Home refrigerators should read 37 – 38 degrees Fahrenheit with the freezer temperature at zero.

Should I get a dishwasher?

An automatic dishwashers destroy 100 times more germs and bacteria than washing dishes by hand.

Why should I get my dryer serviced?

Did you know that the consumer product safety commission estimates that insufficient air flow due to improper venting causes 24,000 clothes dryer fires each year? Don’t be a statistic! Ask about having us change that clogged or pinched plastic dryer vent for a new aluminum duct. This will not only shorten drying time, it will eliminate an all-too-common fire hazard. Jersey Coast Appliance maintains a constant campaign for fire safety… another way of putting you, the customer, first.

Get Your Appliances Ready

Every season brings to new obstacles. Be prepared all year long.