Electric baseboards can be a great alternative to using a gas furnace. However, they come with their own necessary maintenance and potential servicing as well. At Jersey Coast Appliance our professionals are trained to show our customers preventative measures as well as reactive solutions to any problems that arise.

Jersey Coast Appliance technicians are available 24 hours a day for emergencies and guarantee a two-hour window arrival time for customer convenience.

Ensuring Safety

When professionals come to install or maintenance an electric baseboard they will give you the rundown on keeping your baseboards safe. Here’s a brief preview:

  1. Keep the baseboards clean!
  2. Insulate the rooms the baseboards are in, so they don’t have to work extra hard
  3. Enclose these appliances with a cover, so that children don’t have easy access
  4. Keep carpet and furniture a good distance from the electric baseboard

Power and Wiring

Because electric baseboards are powered by electricity, a problem with the baseboard is likely to be due to an electrical problem. Professionals at Jersey Coast Appliance will ensure a proper connection between the circuit breaker and the thermostat, so you can keep your rooms as toasty as you need.

Handling these type of appliances can be complicated, and even dangerous. So be sure to call a trained professional to help with any heating issues that may arise. Call us today at Jersey Coast Appliance!

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