Jersey Coast Appliance handles servicing of major appliances as well as smaller appliances, like your home’s beer dispenser. For both parties and everyday use, this appliance needs to work effectively and maintain a proper temperature. The staff at Jersey Coast Appliance is trained to repair even the most minor of issue when it comes to your beer dispensing system.

When it comes to your kegerator, or beer dispenser, homeowners want the same great tasting draft beer every time. Here are a couple signs that there is reason to worry:

Cloudy Beer

Cloudy beer could be the result of a temperature issue. Beer should be preserved at 36 to 40 degrees Fahrenheit. If for some reason your refrigerating system is having difficulty maintaining this temperature, call the professionals at Jersey Coast Appliance to investigate the issue.

Flat Beer

If your beer is coming out flat, there could be an issue with the air pressure. In this case, our professionals will check your carbon dioxide tank as well as your air lines to ensure a proper pressure and that the tank does not need to be replaced.

Foamy Beer

Excess foam could be the result of a multitude of issues, from temperature control to faucet parts. Don’t bother with the time and frustration of troubleshooting the problem. Call the technicians at Jersey Coast Appliance to diagnose the issue and replace or repair any necessary parts.

The professionals at Jersey Coast Appliance are available 24 hours a day for emergencies and offer a two-hour window arrival time. Contact us today for any beer dispenser services.

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