Need a New Refrigerator? The Pros and Cons of a French Door Fridge

Refrigerators have gone through some big changes over the years. While older models were more utilitarian, today’s models combine function and aesthetics. When today’s consumers are shopping for a new refrigerator, they not only want it to be energy efficient and provide ample and convenient storage but they want it to look good as well. 

One of the most common debates when choosing a new refrigerator is whether to purchase a traditional double door or a french door model. A traditional double door model has two doors. Sometimes the freezer is on the top and sometimes it’s on the bottom. With a french door refrigerator, the freezer and fridge are side by side. 

Introduced in the 1990s and have been increasing in popularity ever since. But are they really the best option when buying a new refrigerator? Understanding the pros and cons of the french door refrigerator design can help you make a more informed decision. 

The Pros

When it comes to benefits, the french door refrigerator does have a lot to offer.

Easier access – With a traditional double door fridge, you often have to move a bunch of stuff to get to what you want. In addition to being inconvenient, this also wastes energy because the door is open longer. French door refrigerators have a much more logical layout, including deeper door bins. These can hold more commonly used items like a gallon of milk or pitcher of juice, freeing up your shelf space for food storage and making everything in the fridge easier to reach. It also reduces the chance of food getting lost or forgotten in the back of the fridge until it looks more like a science experiment than something edible.

Wider than most traditional models – French door refrigerators are typically wider than a traditional double door fridge. The wider shelves combined with the deeper door bins maximize the storage space and convenience of the refrigerator. This can be extremely beneficial for larger families or if you’re sharing your living space with roommates.


Less clearance needed for refrigerator doors – When you open a traditional double door refrigerator, there is a much wider range of motion than with a french door fridge. This makes the french door model a better fit for tighter spaces, such as a galley kitchen.

Less bending over – Most of us open our fridge multiple times a day but open our freezer much less often. In some cases, you may go a day or more without going into the freezer. With a top freezer double fridge, you are constantly bending over to get items stored on the bottom shelf or the produce stored in the crisper drawers. French drawer refrigerator has the freezer on the bottom, keeping all your more frequently used items at a level where you don’t need to bend over. 

Style – French door refrigerators offer more aesthetic appeal. They provide a sleeker, more high end look to your kitchen. 

The Cons

While it seems there are more pros than cons with a french door refrigerator, there may be a few drawbacks.

Larger size – While this would be a plus in most cases, if your kitchen cabinet layout has a predefined space for the fridge, a french door model may not fit. However, with new construction or a kitchen remodel, the cabinetry layout can be modified to accommodate a larger model.

Freezer drawer – With french door models that have side by side refrigerated compartments the freezer is a drawer at the bottom of the unit. This is one of those features where you love it or hate it. The freezer drawer can allow for more storage. It requires a little more organization, some shuffling things around to find what you want. If the freezer drawer isn’t to your liking, a french door fridge with the freezer on one side and the refrigerator on the other would be a better choice.

The price – It’s true. French door refrigerators typically cost more than traditional double door refrigerators. However, if you like the convenience and style they offer, it just might be worth the extra investment.


Ready for a New Refrigerator?

Whether your old refrigerator beyond repair or you’re simply ready for an upgrade, the experienced staff at Jersey Coast Appliance can help you select a new refrigerator. We offer a great selection of top brands and modern appliances, including french door refrigerators that can reduce your energy costs and make your home function more efficiently. 

We also offer professional repair and maintenance services to keep your appliances operating at peak performance. Contact us for all your appliance needs, including DIY parts and expert advice for those who enjoy tackling their own appliance repairs. You can count on the staff at Jersey Coast Appliance


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