Energy Efficient Appliances – Understanding the Benefits of Upgrading

In recent years, energy efficiency has become a major focus in the appliance industry. Many of the models for sale in the U.S. are Energy Star certified. This means the appliance has been tested according to the EPA’s standards, not just for energy efficiency but performance as well. While Energy Star certified appliances use less energy than those models that aren’t certified, they often come with a higher price. This can leave homeowners wondering if purchasing energy efficient appliances is worth the extra expense. In most cases, upgrading is the best option and energy efficient appliances offer multiple benefits.

Save on Energy Costs

Because they use less energy to operate, energy efficient appliances can reduce your home’s energy costs. For example, an Energy Star certified refrigerator uses 9% less than a conventional non-certified model. Although 9% savings may not seem like much initially, it can really add up when you consider that the average lifespan of a refrigerator is 14 years. If you’re currently using a significantly older refrigerator, the savings could be even greater.  Energy Star certified refrigerators use up to 40 percent less energy than the conventional models sold in 2001. This is just one example. Your actual savings will depend on the type of appliance you’re replacing and the utility rates in your area.


Reduce Your Environmental Impact

In addition to saving money, reducing your energy consumption will lower the impact your household has on the environment. Using less energy will reduce your carbon footprint and help to preserve the natural resources used to generate the power that runs our appliances such as natural gas, oil, coal, and water. The processes used to convert these resources into power also contributes to environmental pollution through industrial waste and emissions. Furnishing your home with energy efficient appliances can help reduce pollution as well.

Benefit from New Technology

Not only are today’s appliances more energy efficient, but they are also designed with enhanced functionality, making many household tasks easier. New Energy Star certified washers are designed to clean clothes better than older models and offer a wider range of options so you can give your clothing the exact level of care it needs. They also use less water and energy to do the same tasks as non-certified models. Energy Star refrigerators and dishwashers provide similar results in the kitchen, offering advanced technology that keeps food fresher, gets dishes cleaner and reduces energy costs.

Identifying Energy Star Appliances

When shopping for new energy efficient appliances, you will see the bright yellow Energy Guide sticker on many of the models you’re considering. This sticker will provide you with your estimated annual energy cost for that specific model. Many consumers mistakenly assume that a yellow sticker means the appliance is Energy Star certified. If an appliance has met the requirements to be certified, the Energy Star logo will appear on that yellow sticker, usually in the lower right-hand corner. Because Energy Star certified appliances are not only tested for energy efficiency but also for how they perform, they are a wise investment. 


Upgrade to Energy Efficient Appliances

If it’s time for an appliance upgrade, Jersey Coast Appliance can help you choose the perfect energy efficient appliances for your home. We offer a great selection of top brands and modern appliances that can reduce your energy costs and make your home function more efficiently. We also offer professional repair and maintenance services to keep your appliances operating at peak performance. Contact us for all your appliance needs, including DIY parts and expert advice for those who enjoy tackling their own appliance repairs. You can count on the staff at Jersey Coast Appliance.


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