Washer Repair – Summer is Primetime for a Washing Machine Breakdown

With all of the grilling going on, your stove may get a break during the summer months. However, this is probably not the case for some of your other household appliances, especially your washer. So many summer activities take place outside in the summer sun, causing you and your family to change clothes more often. There are all those bathing suits and beach towels, and if you have college age children home for the summer, they will add to the laundry pile as well. This increased workload can often lead to a breakdown and the need for washer repair.

There are signs you can look out for before a breakdown happens. If you notice any of following, you should schedule professional washer repair. Not only can this help you avoid an inconvenient breakdown, if your washer isn’t functioning properly, continued use can cause more serious damage.

Noisy Operation

This is probably one of the most obvious signs that there is an issue with your washer. If the washer is making loud banging noises, it could be something as simple as an unbalanced load. Stop the washer, reposition the clothes so they are distributed more evenly and start the washer back up. If the noise disappears, problem solved. If the noise continues, it could be anything from a loose belt to a broken drum or motor mount and you will need to call for washer repair.

Doesn’t Fill Properly or Drain Completely

One of the most common reasons for your washer not filling or draining properly is faulty washer hoses. If either the water inlet or drain hose is kinked, the flow of water into or out of the washer will be restricted. In most cases, you can just unkink the hose and that will fix the problem. If neither hose is kinked, there is a variety of other possibilities.


If the washer won’t fill properly, it could also be something as simple as one or both of the water cutoff switches was accidentally turned off. If that’s not the case, there could be a blockage inside the hose, the water inlet valve could be defective or the water temperature selector switch could be faulty. In some top-loading models, the lid switch which stops the washer from operating when the lid is open is also connected to the water inlet valve. In those models, if the lid switch fails, so does the water inlet valve, preventing the washer from filling properly. A faulty water level switch, timer or electronic control can also cause the water inlet valve to fail.

Is there still water in the washer after the cycle has been completed? If you’ve checked to make sure the drain hose is kink-free, there are a couple of other things that could be causing your drainage problem. There could be a blockage inside the drain hose or your machine’s water pump isn’t functioning properly. Any problem with your machine filling or draining beyond a kinked hose or shut down cutoff switches calls for professional washer repair services.

No Spin Cycle

Excess water and soaking wet clothes at the end of the cycle may not be a drainage problem. It could be an indication the spin cycle isn’t working. This is often due to a broken belt or switch inside your washer. This issue can also prevent agitation during the washing cycle, resulting in wet clothes that have not been cleaned properly. Problems with the agitator usually require the disassembly of the entire machine and will require washer repair.


Professional Washer Repair

The best way to keep the laundry from piling up this summer is to schedule professional washer repair service at the first sign of trouble. Jersey Coast Appliance has a team of expertly trained and certified repair technicians to take care of washer repair service and any other appliance repair issues you may have. Our huge selection of parts covers all the major brands including Kenmore. We offer a variety of service options to fit your needs including 24/7 emergency service and Night Owl service. We also understand that your time is valuable and offer a two-hour window of arrival. Schedule your air conditioner maintenance today!


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