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Replacing any of your major household appliances can be a big investment. This can cause a homeowner to debate long and hard, not only about which model to buy, but also where to purchase it. It is a common misconception that the big box stores are the best option. While they may offer more locations, many of their advantages can be matched or even surpassed by independent appliance retailers.

Independent Appliance Retailers vs Big Box Stores

Because major appliances are a big purchase, the convenience and selection offered by the big box stores aren’t the only considerations.

Price is probably at the top of that list. The big box stores are able to buy in larger quantities, allowing them to purchase their inventory at a lower cost and pass the savings on to their customers. Initially, this made it difficult for the individual dealer to compete but now many independent appliance retailers belong to buying groups or co-ops and combine their orders. This enables them to lower their cost and offer competitive prices to their customers. In most cases, the independent dealer can come extremely close or even match the big box prices. Most dealers also offer the same or similar financing options as well, providing you with ease of purchase.

With large purchases, the price shouldn’t be the only deciding factor.


Service and expertise are equally important. When purchasing an appliance, you want to work with a salesperson who listens to your questions and concerns and has the knowledge to address them. While the big box stores do have some well-trained staff, is not uncommon to encounter a less than knowledgeable salesperson. They may not be familiar with all the features and warranties of the different models or have enough sales experience to guide you to the model that will best fit your needs.

What about service after you’ve made your purchase? Unlike independent appliance retailers, big box stores typically don’t have their own service technicians. Should your appliance need to be serviced, you would be dealing with a separate, third party service provider. Wouldn’t you rather be able to deal directly with the retailer you purchased your appliance from to have it serviced? After all, you know what the say about too many cooks in the kitchen.

When scheduling service with your local independent appliance retailer, your appliance will be serviced by a technician who is employed by that retailer. They will know the technician’s level of experience as well as their background. These technicians are held to a higher standard because they represent the retailer. Working with the service department of your local appliance retailer, your service will be scheduled faster. Many third-party service providers cover larger areas with more customers. Some are even nationwide, making it take longer to get a service appointment. Many local appliance dealers also offer round the clock emergency service.

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When purchasing a new appliance or scheduling appliance service, Jersey Coast Appliance has the expertise and customer service that you can rely on. We carry a wide range of top quality brands and offer a variety of services, including 24/7 emergency service for issues that need immediate assistance. Also, with our night owl service available anytime between 4 P.M. and 8 P.M. during the week, we can conveniently work around your schedule.


As a nationally approved certified service center, we’ve undergone an extensive review of our management and customer service policies, dress code, adherence to Federal and local regulations, insurance coverage and technician qualifications to assure you, our customer, the best quality of service that is available today. If your appliances are in need of replacement or repairs, don’t hesitate, give us a call!


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