Barbecue Grills – Choosing the Perfect Grill

Choosing a barbecue is not as simple as it use to be. In fact, with so many different barbecue grills to choose from, it can be downright overwhelming. There are certain things you should consider when you are choosing a new barbecue grill. You can also consult with your local barbecue retailer as they can help guide you in the right direction.

Grill Size

One of the first things to consider is what size grill you need. The key is not to buy more barbecue grill than you need. Before you even go shopping, think about how your barbecue grill will be used.

How often will you barbecue? Every chance you get or just a handful of times during the summer? How many people will you be grilling for? Just you and the family, or will you be entertaining and feeding larger groups of family and friends? Will you be doing different types of cooking on your grill such as frying or using a rotisserie?

If you don’t plan on cooking anything more than hot dogs and hamburgers on the grill, then a smaller more basic model would probably work best for you. If you’ve already got the grilling recipe book out and you can’t decide which recipe to try first, then you are going to be happier with a larger more sophisticated grill.



Charcoal vs. Gas

There is a long standing debate as to which is better, charcoal or gas barbecue grills. The choice for the most part is personal taste, but how and where you are going to be using your grill could also influence your decision and each type of barbecue grill has it’s advantages.

Flavor is one consideration when choosing between charcoal or gas. Purists insist that you can’t get the same flavor on a gas grill that you can with charcoal, especially when mixing flavored wood chips like mesquite, apple or hickory with the charcoal. They may also hold the belief that the only way to grill a fine cut of steak is over natural wood lump charcoal.

While the gas grill may be lacking a bit in the flavor department, many people don’t mind and appreciate the fact that it takes less grilling expertise to find the perfect temperature on a gas grill. With the gas grill you just turn the knob to the right temperature, but mastering charcoal grill takes time and experience.

Ease of transporting your grill may factor into your decision if you plan on traveling with it. Charcoal barbecue grills are usually a better choice if you’re going to take it to the beach or go tailgating with it. Lugging a gas grill to the ball park or beach for a cookout is going to be a chore unless you have a truck or a van to haul it and at least a few able-bodied friends to load and unload it. If you’re not planning on cooking anywhere but in your backyard or on your patio, you may decide to go with a gas grill.

The time involved in the heat up and cleanup of a charcoal grill may also sway some people in the direction of the gas grill. Charcoal grills are not only a real hassle to clean, but take longer to reach an optimum cooking temperature. Some feel it’s worth the wait but if you’ve got a bunch of hungry guests anxiously waiting, you may feel differently.

Electric Barbecue Grills

Members of either the charcoal or gas grill camps will likely not recommend an electric grill. Depending on your grilling needs, don’t discount electric as an option. While they cannot compete with charcoal or gas barbecue grills in fire power, they have come a long way in recent years. Electric grills are a great choice for condo and apartment dwellers where there are rules restricting the use of charcoal or gas barbecue grills.

Electric grill will be lacking the flavor that purists desire, but if you have no other way to satisfy your grilling desire, this may be the way to go.



The Cost of Barbecue Grills

How much a barbecue grill will cost depends on the size, fuel type, and which bells and whistles you have in mind. The price for barbecue grills can range anywhere from a hundred dollars to well into the thousands. It is best to set a budget before you go shopping and have some idea of what kind of barbecue grill you want.
The team at Jersey Coast Appliance can guide you to the perfect grill, regardless if you are a novice or a grill master. We carry a wide variety of barbecue grills including charcoal, gas, and electric. Call or stop into one of our locations and let our expert staff help you kick off your grilling season.

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