Home Appliance Maintenance -Tips to Keep the Festivities Going

The holidays are just around the corner, so it’s time to get your appliances ready for all the extra cooking and entertaining. A big part of getting your home holiday-ready is to make sure your appliances are up to the task. Here are a few home appliance maintenance tips to help you prepare them for the busy holiday season.

Check Your Refrigerator

Your fridge will be working overtime during the holidays, so make sure it’s in good condition before the festivities begin. Start with a thorough cleaning, both inside and out. You also will need extra space for holiday food. Now is the time to clear out any expired food or items to make room.

Check the door seals to make sure they’re tight, and replace them if necessary. A loose seal can cause your appliance to work harder than necessary and increase your energy bill. If your fridge has exposed coils, make sure they are clean to keep it running properly. Finally, check the temperature settings to keep your food fresh all holiday season long.

Don’t Forget the Water Filter and Ice Maker

When entertaining guests for the holidays, you want to make sure your ice maker is clean and working properly. Change the water filter, which will help remove any impurities from the water that could affect the taste of your ice. Then clean the ice maker itself according to the manufacturer’s instructions. This usually involves running a cycle of over-the-counter cleaning solution or white vinegar and water through the system and then flushing it several times with fresh water.

Clean the Oven

This is a crucial part of home appliance maintenance for the holidays. If your oven is a self-cleaning model,  clean it early. The extreme heat (900 degrees) of the self-cleaning feature can blow the oven’s fuse or damage its control panel. Also, remove any large pieces of food before starting the self-cleaning feature as they could catch fire. Using the self-cleaning feature early will give you the opportunity to schedule professional home appliance maintenance if necessary. 

Some newer models have a steam cleaning feature, which heats to a much lower temperature (250 degrees). You can also clean the oven the old-fashioned way with a spray-on oven cleaner.

Check the accuracy of the temperature setting using an oven thermometer. If the temperature setting and the thermometer don’t match, professional home appliance maintenance may be required to prevent a holiday disaster. 


Inspect Your Dishwasher

Between all the cooking and entertaining, your dishwasher is going to see a lot of action during the holidays. To make sure it’s up for the task, remove any food or grease build-up from the filter and spray arm, and wipe down the interior with a damp cloth. Check the door gasket for cracks or tears that could cause leaks. You should also check the drainage hose for kinks or blockages, which could cause your dishwasher to back up.  

Check Your Washer and Dryer

There is bound to be a lot of laundry with all the cooking and cleaning. Be sure to check the connections for your washer and dryer before you start doing laundry. Check the vents and remove any lint or debris that would create a fire hazard. It’s a good idea to run a test load to make sure everything is operating properly.

Professional Home Appliance Maintenance

The holidays are a time for family, friends, and good food. Before you can enjoy any of that, you need to make sure your appliances are ready to go!  Professional home appliance maintenance will keep your kitchen running smoothly and let you avoid holiday disasters.  


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