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Just about everyone loves food cooked on the BBQ grill. We long for those warm summer months when we can finally break out the grill, but why wait? Winter grilling isn’t a new thing – it’s a guy thing. It’s almost primal, the desire to go out and cook food for the family. In fact, the need to grill despite the weather actually led to the invention of the first Weber kettle grill.

In 1952, George Stephen, a welder who built buoys for the Coast Guard came up with an ingenious idea. While he loved to grill for his large family on an open metal brazier, he often got rained out. One day at work he came up with the idea to cut a buoy in half. He used the bottom half for the charcoal and the upper half as a domed lid to protect his grilled family feast from the elements and the rest is history.

Winter Grilling Tips

A winter barbecue can be a tasty way to add some flavor to cold weather meals. We all probably know at least one hardcore grillaholic that will fire up the grill no matter what’s going on with the weather. Here are some tips to make your winter grilling safe and delicious.

Clear a Path

The first step to successful winter grilling is to make sure you can get to your grill safely. A serious grill enthusiast will typically shovel a path to the grill before he shovels the driveway.  Make sure the path and the grill itself is clear of snow and debris. If necessary, lay down salt to melt any ice.

bigstock-Honey-Can-You-Start-The-Bbq-60365774Bundle Up

While it may be tempting to be macho and just run back and forth to the grill in a sweatshirt and jeans during commercials, it’s important to dress warmly and safely.  If you’re warm, you won’t be rushing back and forth to the house and risk under or overcooking your meal. Also, be conscious of your clothing. Stay away from puffy coats and dangling scarves that could end up too close to the grill and catch fire. Keep your hands warm with fire-resistant grilling gloves.

Location, Location, Location

With winter grilling it can be tempting to seek shelter. Don’t move the grill into a covered patio, the garage or any other outdoor structure. Even with the door open, this creates the opportunity for noxious and potentially fatal carbon monoxide fumes can accumulate. It also creates a fire hazard. When positioning your grill near a wall to block the wind, be sure to stay at least ten feet away from it or any other flammable structure. You’ll also want to avoid firing up the grill under a snow-laden tree. The rising heat could cause the snow to begin melt, break loose and fall on you or your grill.

Back Up Fuel

There’s never a good time to run out of fuel halfway through grilling. However, it can be even more frustrating when you’re braving the elements. Winter grilling can take up to twice as much fuel as grilling in the warm weather and it will take longer to preheat your grill.

Before you get started, make sure you have enough fuel. With a gas grill, be sure to have a backup propane tank. If possible, when using charcoal for winter grilling, it can be helpful to have a second kettle grill to hold lit coals in reserve. You can use a shovel to add them as needed to maintain heat in the grill you’re using for cooking.

Keep it Simple

Diehard grillaholic or not., you don’t want to be out there any longer than necessary. Choose foods that can be grilled in 30 minutes or less. Burgers, steaks, pork chops, and chicken breast are great choices for winter grilling. It a good idea to keep a meat thermometer handy to make sure your food is cooked thoroughly.

Don’t Peek

As much as possible, keep the lid closed. Your grill has to work harder in the cold weather. Keeping the lid closed will help the grill retain the heat and avoid slowing down your cooking time.

Safety First

Make sure your grill is up to the task of winter grilling. It should be positioned properly, have sufficient fuel and be in good working condition. Grilling any time of the year with a well used, worn out grill can be a safety hazard.

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