Washer and Dryer Maintenance – Save Energy and Extend Their Lifespan

The washer and dryer are among the most used household appliances. In many homes, they are used every day, subjecting them to constant wear and tear. This also means they have a significant impact on your home energy cost. According to the US EPA, your washer and dryer are two of the costliest standard household appliances to operate. Together, they use an average of 69% more energy than your refrigerator and dishwasher combined. Fortunately, there are ways you can save energy when using your washer and dryer, reducing energy cost as well as wear and tear.  

Wash Full Loads

While a small load may use less water, your washer will use almost the same amount of energy regardless of the load size. Washing a full load will require you to use your washer less often which will reduce both energy costs and wear and tear on the machine.


Don’t Overload

While laundering full loads can be beneficial, you want to make sure they aren’t too large. This is important for both the washer and dryer. Overloading either machine will make them work harder, increasing wear and tear and in most cases, reducing performance. Your clothes may come out of the spin cycle too wet and take longer to dry. An overloaded dryer will decrease air flow and also cause clothes to dry more slowly.

Use Cold Water

Forget the myth that your clothes will only get clean with hot water. Today’s cold water detergents will ensure that your clothes are clean. Also, by using cold water, you will save energy and make your clothes last longer.

Separate Dryer Loads

Dry heavyweight laundry such as towels, blankets, and sweatshirts separate from lightweight loads. Each will dry faster and more completely. When mixed together they will take longer to dry and lightweight items may be overdried.

Extended Spin Cycle and Moisture Sensors

These features are typically found on newer washers and dryers. The extended spin cycle will remove more moisture from your laundry, allowing it to dry faster and use less energy. The extended cycle may take a bit more energy but the dryer consumes more energy overall, so the sooner you can turn it off, the better. Also, many new dryers are equipped with moisture sensors which turn the dryer off when the clothes are dry. This not only saves on energy costs but will help reduce wear and tear on your clothes.

Level Laundry Room Appliances

Make sure both your washer and dryer are on level ground. You can use a level to check and the machines can be leveled if necessary using the adjustable feet. If you’re not sure how to do this, check your owner’s manual. A machine that isn’t level, especially a washer, can experience strong vibrations causing it to move around. This could result in serious damage to the machine itself or items surrounding it.

Check Washer Hoses

The hoses that originally came with your washer can wear out over time. Cracks or blisters can form in the hoses which could cause them to rupture and leak. To avoid this and the damage it could cause, the hoses should be checked regularly. Many manufacturers recommend replacing these hoses every five years.

Lint Removal

When it comes to laundry room lint, most of us think the dryer is the only culprit. Actually, lint build up can be an issue with both the washer and the dryer. Most washers have lint traps or filters, either in the center of the agitator or near the top of the tub. These need to be cleaned regularly.  If left unattended, you could start to see lint on your laundry. Consult your owner’s manual to find out if your washer has a lint trap, where it’s located and how to operate it.


The removal of dryer lint is extremely important. If allowed to build up it will not only impact performance but combined with the heat of the dryer, it could cause a fire. Clean the trap after every load and if you use dryer sheets, the lint trap should be scrubbed to remove the film they create. You should also have the dryer and vents professionally cleaned periodically. This will keep you dryer operating efficiently and safely.

Professional Washer and Dryer Maintenance

Jersey Coast Appliance has a team of professional appliance service technicians, master technicians and certified support personnel dedicated to serving our customers with honesty and integrity. We can help you keep your washer and dryer operating at peak performance. This will extend their lifespan and help you save on energy costs. We offer complete appliance maintenance and repair including dryer and dryer vent cleaning.

We are the one stop shop for all your household appliance needs from sales to service. We have a wide variety of replacement parts in stock, including Kenmore replacement parts. In addition to our regular repair service, we also offer Night Owl Service and 24/7 Emergency service. Contact us today to keep all your appliances running smoothly!


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