Washing Machine Care Tips – Clean Fresh Laundry with Every Wash

Do your clothes smell funny even after you wash them? In many cases, the culprit could be your washing machine. People often think that because the machine’s purpose is to clean your clothes, it also cleans itself in the process. However, your washer still requires a certain amount of regular maintenance to keep it clean. These washing machine care tips can help ensure that your machine operates properly and your clothes get as clean as possible. 

Follow Detergent Recommendations

This is one of the most important washing machine care tips and probably one of the most overlooked. All laundry detergents aren’t the same. If you have an older model washing machine, you probably will have a wider range of detergents to choose from. If you own one of the newer water-saving models, it’s essential to follow the manufacturer’s detergent recommendations. 


Typically, powdered detergent or high-efficiency (HE) liquid detergent should be used with water-saving washing machine models.  This will help minimize the formation of residue buildup. Make sure to use the proper method to load the detergent. Some models have a detergent tray and fabric softener tray. If your model has these, be sure to use them. Using too much or too little laundry detergent can also keep your clothes from smelling clean. Too much detergent will allow dirt to cling to clothes and too little won’t get them completely clean.

Keep Your Washing Machine Clean

There are different washing machine care tips for keeping your washer clean depending on what kind of machine you have. With older models, running it with a 50/50 solution of water and white vinegar will do the trick. When the washer is finished, wipe down the drum and gaskets and leave the door open. For newer models, especially water-saving and front-loading machines, it is often recommended to use a store-bought cleaner such as Affresh washer cleaner.

Regularly cleaning your washer can prevent mold from developing and causing your clothes and your washer to smell bad. Front-loading washers are particularly prone to the growth of mold. This is because they have a tighter door seal than a top-loading washer which prevents the inside of the machine from drying completely. Leaving the door open on all models can also help prevent mold from developing. 

Avoid Overloading Your Washing Machine

Although it might be tempting to get the laundry done in one load instead of two, don’t overload your washing machine. In addition to the fact that packing clothes too tightly can prevent them from being properly cleaned, overloading your machine can cause unnecessary wear and tear. It can put excess stress on the motor and tub bearings, resulting in the need to repair or replace your machine. Loading it no more than three-quarters full is a good rule of thumb to prevent damage and properly clean your clothes. 


Don’t Forget the Lint Trap

When it comes to washing machine care tips, it’s important to remember your dryer isn’t the only machine in the laundry room to collect lint. Check your owner’s manual to determine where the lint trap is in your washing machine and clean it regularly. If not, the trap could become clogged and impact the efficiency of your machine. It could also lead to poor drainage and you may start to see your clothes come out of the washer covered in lint.

One of the Best Washing Machine Care Tips

If you’ve kept up with normal washing machine care and you’re still experiencing issues, it’s time to call in the professionals. Jersey Coast Appliance offers expert appliance repair services. Our service center is certified and our service team is made up of PSA Industry Certified and Master Technicians. 

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