7 Steps to Lowering Your Heating Bill

The winter can be a tough time financially. The holidays are wonderful and exciting but tend to also be expensive. So while you’re spending money on gifts and holiday foods, make sure you’re not overpaying for your heating bill. Here are the answers you’re looking for to lower that crazy heating bill:

Layer, Layer, and Layer Some More

Walking around the house in a tank top and shorts during the wintertime just isn’t realistic, no matter how comfortable you may feel. Layer on the clothes during the winter months, and you’ll realize you don’t REALLY need the heat up as high as you once thought you did.

Lower Your Thermostat Slightly

Try lowering your thermostat just a couple of degrees. Just a couple of degrees may not make a huge difference to how comfortable you are, but it can make a big difference in terms of your heating bill. Especially during the times you don’t have guests over or are going to be out of the house for an extended time, go ahead and turn the heat down slightly.

Get Heat from More Than Just Your Furnace

Your furnace isn’t the only thing in your house that gives off heat, so utilize the other sources as well. Every time you use your oven your kitchen heats up. So when you’re done cooking, go ahead and carefully leave your oven door open and let the heat out while your oven slowly cools off. You’d be surprised how much this can help warm up your house. Your shower can be another source of heat for your home. If you can deal with a little bit of cold air when you first emerge from the shower, try and leave the bathroom door open during your shower. This will allow steam and warm air to travel around to other parts of your house.


Look Into a Programmable Thermostat

Programmable thermostats can really help for those times you forget to turn down the heat when you leave the house. We all do it. We’re in a rush and we just take off out the door before we can even think about the temperature or our rising heating bill. Programmable thermostats take away all that worry. You can set them to exactly the time you’re consistently gone throughout the day, and can set the temperature to adjust at nighttime as well.


Keep the Heat in

Parents always teach their kids to keep the refrigerator door closed when they’re not using it, so cold air doesn’t escape. The same idea applies to the heating in your house. Try to keep doors and windows shut at all times to keep cold air out, and warm air in.

Get a Checkup

One reason your heating bill may be so high is that there is something wrong with your furnace. For instances such as this, call a professional to come take a look. It could be something as simple as a dirty filter that needs to be replaced.

Upgrade Your Furnace

Furnaces are meant to last forever. If your home has had the same furnace for 20 years, it’s absolutely time to replace it. Spending the money on a new furnace can be a bit tough, but in the long run you’re bound to save a decent amount of money on what you would be paying for an extra high heating bill.

For any questions about lowering your heating bill or having your furnace serviced, give us a call today at Jersey Coast Appliance. Our attentive staff can advise you on great steps to take and which furnaces to potentially purchase.

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