2016 Appliance Repair Checklist – Need a Tune Up?

With the emergence of the new year, we are all looking to fulfill some aspect of our new year resolutions. When considering this, why not start with improving the place that matters most to us, the home. For many homeowners and renters alike, this involves a new found initiative to maintain proper upkeep of one’s appliances. There is nothing worse than when an expensive appliance meets their final days.  However, by maintaining appliances accordingly, one can avoid appliance repair Toms River.

Washers and Dryers

Three of the most common issues with washers involve a failure to drain, start, or to fill with water. Dryers also commonly have issues with starting as well as improper vent maintenance. But appliance owners do not fret, these issues have a solution!

Failure to Drain

When a washer does not drain efficiently it results in the clothing being dripping wet. This makes clothes more prone to dirt and bacteria and can cause damage if placed directly in your dryer. The most likely cause for such an issue is a clogged drain hose or a pump that may need replacing. A professional appliance repair company can easily repair or replace these parts, saving you time and money.

Failure to Start

When a washer or dryer fails to start this can be caused by a whole host of electrical issues. Remember your washer and dryer are very complex machines, and when dealing with such an issue, it is best to leave the repairs to the professionals. Whether it be a door latch, timer or thermal fuse, these are issues which can be solved most quickly, and most safely by the professionals.

Failure to Fill

Another common issue washer owners have is with their washer water levels. In most cases this is due to an issue with the water inlet hose of inlet valve. These parts are often hard to find and to reach. A professional appliance repair Toms River company can determine whether or not these parts need replacement and ensure that it is done in the most efficient and economical way possible.


Water Heater

Many homeowners experience issues with their water heater due to a lack of maintenance. Most water heaters are expected to last somewhere between 10 and 15 years, if given the proper care and upkeep. By scheduling annual cleanings of your air filter on the pump, you can greatly prolong the life of your water heater saving you a hassle and money.


The refrigerator is a key appliance for ensuring the freshness and quality of our food. Without a properly working refrigerator, one can be subjected to potentially dangerous consequences if the food is not being stored properly. Some common issues with refrigerators include not maintaining the optimal temperature, making too much noise, overheating, and having an issue with the water dispenser.

Temperature control

A refrigerator which tends to run too cold or not cold enough may be due to an issue with the thermostat or a more complex electrical matter. Whatever the cause may be, do not go in alone. A trained appliance repair company in Ocean County can pin-point the problem for all your temperature needs.

Too much noise?

Many people notice a humming or shaking coming from their refrigerator, this can be an annoying issue that may have to do with the motor in the evaporator fan. A professional will be able to work with a customer to discuss proper maintenance and to solve issues.

Outside of the refrigerator is overheating

The most common cause for a refrigerator overheating is an electrical connection issue. Bringing in a knowable Toms River appliance repair company will ensure that any wiring or connection issues be solved effectively.

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