Air Conditioning – Energy Saving Tips

Maintaining your air conditioning will save energy and money.Jersey Coast Appliance provides Nationally Certified Service for the greater Ocean County Area. They provide emergency services seven days a week for all your heating and cooling needs. They have expert product knowledge and sales experience. Their prices are competitive and better than the big-box stores.

With the season getting warmer Jersey Coast Appliance is a Carrier FAD Dealer. They are NATE certified, insuring the highest level of service anywhere. And they 100% guarantee their work backed by Carrier.

JCA can help lower the high cost of air conditioning. They are all about efficiency and dedicated to lowing your monthly utility bills. Jersey Coast Appliance offers new energy efficiency carrier air conditioning systems, as well as a full service department to keep your current systems running at peak efficiency.

However before you need to call, JCA for an air conditioner replacement, they have a few helpful tips to keep your Ocean County home cool as the weather begins to heat up.

Keep Your Air Conditioners Maintained

In New Jersey, an air conditioner may sit for half the year unused. If you let a car sit half the year and then started using it every day for the other half of the year, you would want it to be well maintained. This is the same for your air conditioner. The cost to have a certified technician come and look at your air conditioning unit could prevent costly replacement by finding small problems before they become large ones.

Keep the Blinds Closed

Nearly half of the heat in your home comes from the sunlight beaming through windows. A good set of thermal blinds and curtains can keep your home up to 20 degrees cooler. If you can keep the sunlight out of your home in the warmer parts of the day, it will cost less to keep your house cool.

Close the Doors in Unused Rooms

If the bedrooms of the house remain empty all day who is going to complain that the room is too hot. If no one is in the room, it doesn’t need to be cool. The living room where everybody hangs out will stay a lot cooler if the air conditioning isn’t being wasted in unused parts of the house.

Ceiling Fans should Rotate Counter Clockwise in the Summer

Ceiling fans should be adjusted seasonally. Fans are designed to force rising heat down when spinning clockwise and designed to cool down a house when spinning counter clockwise. If your fans are spinning clockwise, even on high, it’s counterproductive to cool down the house because it just spins around the hot air already in your home.

Fire up the grill

The oven and stove are a heat generators. It takes a lot of heat to cook food and that heat needs to escape. The best thing about this time of year is being able to cook outside. Let the outdoors take the heat, your grill won’t increase the temperature outside but an oven will increase the temperature inside.

Think Cotton

It sounds like common sense, of course cotton is cooler than wool. Light cotton sheets, light cotton clothes, nice light breathable fabric is going to keep you feeling a lot cooler. Even thick synthetics like polyester and often thin fabrics like certain synthetic silk actually retain heat, rather than keep you cool. These materials keep you warmer in the clothes you’re in. Cotton is a light breathable fabric.

Open Your Windows 

When the temperature in the house is warmer than it is outside, cut off the air conditioner open the windows and let a breeze run through the house. It will help recycle the air and cool the house without cost.

Even with all of these tips, at the end of the day if you live in the Southern New Jersey area you most likely will find yourself in need of an air conditioning unit to keep your house cool. Whether it’s time for a new unit, or just some service needed on an existing unit Jersey Coast Appliance is your answer. They have two store locations, Jersey Coast Appliance on Rt, 37 East in Toms River and another Jersey Coast Appliance store, 100 Lacey Road in Whiting here for your convenience.

There are many ways to keep your house cold this season, and the best way is call Jersey Coast Appliance for sales, service and appliance emergencies at 1-800-559-0122.

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