When to use Central Air vs. AC Units

It’s prime summer time and your number one priority should be staying cool! After a long winter most of us are itching to spend plenty of time outdoors, but it’s comforting to know we can come back into the cool of our homes after a game of baseball or an hour mowing the lawn. Many areas of Central Jersey, can be a heat magnet in the summer, and without the advantage of the ocean breeze, people have to work extra hard in the summer months to stay comfortable. Luckily we live in a generation where air control is at our fingertips, but different living situations call for different means to cool our surroundings. The task is finding what is best for you, whether it’s using central air or individual air conditioning units.

Living in a Studio Apartment


Living in an apartment building can sometimes come with reduced freedoms. Residents need to be more conscious of neighbors, sound, and even certain building regulations. And some apartment buildings, particularly more outdated constructions, are sadly lacking central air. In the summer months cooling an apartment is a top comfort priority, so alternatives to central air are necessary.

Unfortunately some landlords have to abide by regulations prohibiting the installation of wall and window air conditioning units. Renters in older buildings such as these have to rely on cooling alternatives such as portable air conditioners to satisfy air control needs. Although central air is the superior choice nowadays, portable air conditioners do come with their own advantages.

Portable air conditioners are ideal for very small spaces. In a studio apartment, they would absolutely have the capacity to keep the entire apartment cool. Another plus is that when cooler weather comes, portable air conditioners can be easily stowed away and hidden until the summer months roll around again. They also have the ability to dehumidify, just as central air would!

Living in an Updated Condo


Newer complexes  come with more freedoms for your heating and cooling needs. For example, in an updated or newer condo, window units and possibly even wall fit conditioning units likely have the option of being installed. Of course, in these cases, air conditioning units are primarily used because these individuals are only renters, and without the permanency of being an owner, the task of installing central air is a major commitment.

A window air conditioning unit could be a great alternative to cooling your home. Window air conditioning units have many advantages, one being that they can cool any size room from a 100 square foot room to a 1,000 square foot room. Window units can also personalize the temperature of each room in the house.

These types of units are great because they can conform to whatever window space you have. Big or small, the adjustments are available to make your air conditioning unit fit any window. Installation and removal are also super easy, making the window air conditioning unit a long-term investment. So, for the renter who is moving often, this unit can come and go with you very easily.

Living in a Two Story House


As an owner of a home, especially one with more than one floor, central air conditioning is a must. When it comes to cooling more than one or even more than two rooms, central air is the most efficient and effective option. Purchasing multiple air conditioning units for every room in a multi-bedroom house is ultimately more energy wasteful, and expensive. Central air systems do a wonderful job of cutting down on interior humidity and removing allergens from the air as well. They create a uniform temperature throughout the entire house, which is especially important for the top floor of a house where heat can often rise and accumulate.

Choosing the right means to regulate the temperature of your apartment or home can sometimes be a daunting task, but with the right equipment and the best professional help from Jersey Coast Appliance, heating and cooling  can be a breeze.  Contact us today for any of your sales and service needs!

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