Amp up Your Spring Cleaning with New Appliances

Spring is almost here and that means the time-honored tradition of spring cleaning is upon us. While this often includes tasks we may not be fond of, cleaning your old appliances has to be one of the worst. Scrubbing out the refrigerator or cleaning the oven isn’t something to look forward to. If your appliances are old, it can be especially frustrating. No matter how much you clean and polish them, they still look dingy and dated. During the cleaning process, you may also notice that they aren’t working as well as they use to. It might be time to consider new appliances.  

Average Lifespan of Appliances

The lifespan of an appliance varies depending on its quality, the amount of use it gets and how it is maintained. However, knowing approximately how long of each type of appliance should last will give you a better idea if it’s time to think about replacing it.


This is one of the appliances in your home that’s always on so it is subject to a lot of wear and tear. If it should break down, it could potentially cost more than the price of a repair or replacement. If you aren’t home or don’t notice right away when your refrigerator goes on the fritz, you could lose all the food in it as well.


On average, a refrigerator lasts about fifteen years.The temperature inside your refrigerator shouldn’t be above 45 degrees. If yours is approaching the 15-year mark or it isn’t as cold or quiet as it used to be, it might be time to start looking for a new one. Replacing it before it breaks down can avoid the inconvenience and extra expense of losing your groceries as well. If it is still working perfectly well despite its age, it can be beneficial to have it checked out by a professional service technician as a preventive measure.


As with your refrigerator, don’t wait until only half of the burners are working or the oven doesn’t work at all before considering a replacement. A stove will usually last 10-15 years but when it comes to appearances it takes more abuse than some other appliances, constantly subjected to spills and stains. Almost everyone has probably put off oven cleaning longer than recommended.

Using the burners or oven if the stove isn’t working properly could also be dangerous. If your stove is an older model, you should have it checked by a professional service technician. They can help you determine if it’s time for a replacement or not.


While doing dishes by hand is a major inconvenience for many, replacing your dishwasher may not be as urgent as getting a new refrigerator. Dishwashers typically last 8 to 10 years. If your dishes aren’t getting clean or you need to turn the television up when the dishwasher is running, it’s probably time for repair or replacement.

Washer, Dryer and More

Same as with a dishwasher, there is a backup plan in the case of a broken washer or dryer. Unfortunately, with today’s busy schedules, weekly visits to the laundromat can be extremely inconvenient and costly. Both of these appliances normally last 8-10 years.

bigstock-Woman-tired-after-doing-laundr-138143657-1024x684Proper maintenance of your dryer, like keeping the lint traps and ducts clean, can help extend its life. This can also avoid a potentially dangerous situation. If the lint trap or duct is clogged, it can result in a dryer fire.

If either your washer or dryer isn’t performing as expected, is noisier than usual or smells funny, turn it off and call for service  An experienced technician will be able to determine if they can be safely repaired or if it’s time for new appliances.

Don’t overlook other appliances. The hot water heater or HVAC system in your home should be checked as part of your spring cleaning. They should receive preventative maintenance or, if necessary, be replaced. A hot water heater on average last about 7-10 years and an HVAC system should last 15-20 years.

Benefits of New Appliances

You may be hesitant to replace appliances that are still working. However, if they are not performing at peak efficiency, they could end up costing you more in the long run. In addition to a little less spring cleaning, new appliances utilize new technology and are more energy efficient. Investing in new appliances before they break down permanently can save you money and major inconvenience.

When considering new appliances, consult with the experienced sales staff and service technicians at Jersey Coast Appliance. They can help you determine if it is time for new appliances and which models would best suit your lifestyle. If one of your appliances does break down before you replace it, we have convenient Night Owl service and 24/7 emergency service. Contact us for all your appliance needs.


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