Signs You Need Washer & Dryer Repair or Replacement

You use your washer and dryer almost every day. Over time they can begin to deteriorate and a breakdown could really disrupt your daily routine. In order to keep our laundry-based appliances in working order, you should be on the look out for signs that suggest the need for washer & dryer repair or replacement. Keeping your eyes and ears open can help you avoid the inconvenience of an appliance breakdown.


When you walk into your laundry room and find water all over the floor, your washer is definitely having issues. Leaking is usually due to an overflowing tub or a loose connection. Older washers use the same amount of water for each load, so you may be able to remedy the problem by reducing your laundry load. You need to leave enough room for your laundry to spin.


If overflow isn’t the issue, you may have a loose or damaged water hose. Over time, the hose connecting your water supply to your washer can become loose or the hose itself can leak. Another cause of leaks is a cracked tub in your washer. This requires the purchase of a new washer. A washer & dryer repair technician can determine whether or not it is time for new appliances.

Excessive Noise

Another sign that you need washer & dryer repair is when you hear an inordinate amount of noise coming from your appliances. This is usually due to an unbalanced washer or dryer but could reflect bigger problems.

The first thing to try is rearranging your clothes so that they are more evenly distributed. Sometimes clothing in top loading washers & dryers can clump together on one side of the tub, resulting in excessive noise with each rotation. You should also consider whether or not your appliance is resting on a flat surface. Many washers and dryers have adjustable feet for this exact situation.If not, grab a level and put shims under the appliance to even it out.

If these adjustments do not work, washer & dryer repair or replacement may be needed. Excessive noise can come from a loose motor mount or drum. A service technician can determine what needs to be done. Depending on the age of your appliance and the repair cost, you can choose whether repair or replacement is best for you.


Is your washer or dryer moving around the room? You are in need of washer & dryer repair. Your washer and dryer should always remain in place as they spin your clothing. First, check if your appliances are level and if they keep moving around once you’ve made sure they are level, it is time for a replacement.

Even though a moving washer or dryer will clean and dry your clothes normally, the movement presents risks. A washer or dryer might start sending water outside of the unit, soaking your floors and opening the possibility of mildew and mold. The appliance could also break free of its connections. Washer & dryer replacement will ensure that everything stays in its place.


Not Filling Up Correctly

If your washer isn’t filling up correctly, there could be several issues in play. There may be a delayed cycle, issues with your water faucets, or a kink in the intake hose. There could also be a problem with the intake valve or filter. A washer & dryer repair technician can determine exactly what needs to be done to keep your appliances running smoothly.

Consult With a Washer & Dryer Repair Specialist

If you experience complications with your washer and dryer, Jersey Coast Appliance has you covered. Jersey Coast Appliance’s many services include washer & dryer repair as well as replacement. Technicians with expert product knowledge of all major washer & dryer brands will determine what needs to be done to get you back on track. They even offer a “Night Owl” service that sends an expert to your home after working hours. Contact Jersey Coast Appliance for the best in washer & dryer service.


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