DIY Appliance Repair – Another Challenge for the DIY Enthusiast

When it comes to home improvement or repair projects, no matter what it is you want to build or fix, there’s a YouTube video to show you how. This includes DIY appliance repair. We realize that not everyone is a DIY enthusiast or has handyman skills. However, for those that are up to the challenge, there are a lot of appliance issues that can be resolved with DIY appliance repair. Also, making the repairs yourself can provide benefits beyond just getting that broken appliance up and running again.


Take it Easy on Your Wallet

Hanging on to some of your hard-earned cash is probably one of the first things that come to mind when taking on a DIY appliance repair. Having a professional technician make the repair can be expensive. While not every issue is appropriate for a DIY repair, many simple repairs can be resolved without paying for an expensive service call. Some examples are repairs such as replacing a refrigerator gasket or installing a new clothes dryer belt. Also, keeping up with simple appliance maintenance like removing lint buildup from your dryer cabinet or regularly cleaning refrigerator coils can also help you avoid more serious repair issues that could end up requiring costly professional repair or replacement.

Increase Your DIY Arsenal

For the avid do-it-yourselfer, adding DIY appliance repair skills to your DIY arsenal can be rewarding. With each appliance repair, you will be building your knowledge of different appliances and how they work. You may even start to notice similarities in their mechanics that will make your next DIY repair a little easier. But be aware, as family, friends, and neighbors find out about your skills, you find yourself helping them with their own DIY appliance repairs.

Build Your Confidence

Your DIY arsenal isn’t the only thing that will increase as you gain new skills. Your confidence will increase as well. You will feel a sense of achievement, having successfully repaired a broken appliance and saved some money in the process. That newfound confidence will also allow you to graduate from simple repairs to those that may be a bit more complex. However, don’t get overconfident and take on a repair that is best left to the professionals. Attempting an overly complicated appliance repair can result in damage to the appliance, requiring it to be replaced or, more importantly, personal injury.

Install OME Parts

When hiring a service technician to repair a broken appliance, you may not have control over the replacement parts they use. Whenever possible, it’s recommended that original manufacturer equipment or OME parts be used. In most cases, using aftermarket or universal replacement parts will void any remaining warranties. 


Everything You Need for DIY Appliance Repair

Did you know that Jersey Coast Appliance has a DIY parts counter? We stock a huge selection of parts, including Kenmore. In addition to DIY parts, you can also get expert advice and access to DIY appliance repair videos. You can even order parts online!

For appliance repairs that require a certified technician, our experts are here to provide you with professional repair service you can rely on. We provide expert service with a 2-hour window of arrival as well as 24/7 emergency service. Night Owl service is also available, Monday through Friday from 4 – 8 pm, to make appliance repair as convenient as possible. Visit Jersey Coast Appliance for all the parts needed for your DIY appliance repair or if you’d rather we handle the repair for you, call or contact our service department today!


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