Electric Stove Repair and Maintenance – Caring for Your Glass Cooktop

If you’ve been shopping for a new electric stove, you’ve probably noticed that most new models have a glass cooktop. Those that come with the traditional coil burners are typically the less expensive models without all the bells and whistles. When it’s time to replace your electric stove, there’s a good chance you’ll purchase one with a glass cooktop. The smooth surface will give your kitchen a sleek, modern look while eliminating the nightmare of trying to clean crumbs and spills out from under the burners – not to mention the struggle to get the burner to snap back into place. Glass cooktop electric stove repair and maintenance does differ from caring for a stove with traditional burners. Here are some tips to properly maintain your glass cooktop from cleaning to cookware.

Cleaning a Glass Cooktop

While the smooth surface of a glass cooktop makes for easier cleanup, it’s important to use the right cleaning products. It’s always best to follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for the proper cleaning method and products for use with your specific model. Normal everyday cleanup can typically be handled with a damp cloth or paper towel and no cleaning products should be used while the surface is hot. These products can quickly burn and damage the finish of the glass, resulting in pits and blemishes. 


Don’t use cleaning tools with abrasive surfaces, such as steel wool or scrubby sponges. These can scratch the surface of your glass cooktop, resulting in crevices that can trap food particles. This will diminish the appearance of your cooktop and make it more difficult to keep clean. Always use a soft cloth or sponge and avoid using excessive pressure when cleaning your cooktop. Pushing too hard can result in a cracked cooktop. 

Also, even though it would seem logical, never use a glass cleaner to clean your cooktop. It contains ammonia which can be too strong for the cooktop and lead to damage such as iridescent stains on the surface. White vinegar is a safe and natural alternative to glass cleaner.

Use the Proper Cookware

You will also want to check the manufacturer’s recommendations for the proper cookware to use on your glass cooktop. It’s important to make sure your cookware is completely flat on the bottom. Using old, dented cookware will impact the stoves cooking performance by creating an unevenly heated cooking surface. It can also damage the surface of your cooktop, causing scrapes and scratches.

Stainless steel cookware is highly recommended for use on a glass cooktop. Heavyweight aluminum and copper bottom cookware are also a good choice. Both can leave behind a residue that resembles scratches which are easily removed if wiped up immediately after cooking is completed. However, if a copper bottom pot is left to boil dry, it will leave behind a permanent stain on your glass cooktop.

Porcelain/Enamel pots and pans should only be used if they have a thick, flat bottom. If this type of cookware is boiled dry, the porcelain can melt and fuse to the surface. Glass, ceramic, stoneware and cast iron cookware should not be used on a glass cooktop. Not only can they scratch or damage your cooktop, but they tend to absorb and conduct heat inefficiently, providing poor cooking performance.


Cracked or Damaged Cooktop

Accidents happen. If your cooktop becomes cracked or damaged, don’t worry. You won’t need to buy a whole new stove. Glass cooktops can be replaced. You should always have your cooktop replaced by a professional appliance repair technician. Improper electric stove repair, including cooktop replacement, can potentially lead to personal injury or property damage.

Professional Electric Stove Repair and Maintenance

Even with the proper care, you may still find yourself in need of professional electric stove repair and maintenance. At Jersey Coast Appliance, we do our best to solve all of your electric stove repair needs. Whether you need to replace your glass cooktop or need another type of electric stove repair, Our trained technicians have the knowledge and experience to take care of it. In addition to expert appliance repair, we can also advise you when replacing your current appliance would be the best, most cost-effective solution. We service and sell a wide variety of top brand stoves and a large inventory of parts including Kenmore. Contact us for all of your electric stove repair needs!


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