Grillmaster Alert – More Reasons to Grill this Summer

The famous holidays of summer are 4th of July and Labor Day. This leaves nearly 2 whole months of downtime for the average BBQ griller, but no true BBQ grillmaster can settle for that. It’s time to stock up the supplies; because here are more reasons to grill this summer.

Late Graduation Parties

School has been out for a couple of weeks now. Maybe you were too busy attending other graduation parties that you forgot to plan your own. Typically, most graduates have had their graduation party, with a majority of them occurring on the same day. We have your solution, instead of planning the party the first weekend after graduation, schedule it further into summer. This may result in more attendees and more gifts for those greedy grads. Not to mention a peaceful break between Father’s Day and Independence Day.


Birthday Parties

Why would someone struggle with planning a birthday party at an offsite? Worrying about the down deposit and communicating a head count could give any parent a headache. Take control and plan a BBQ at home instead. It’s a chance for the grillmaster to show off his grilling expertise. Other parents may be thankful too instead of being trapped in a room highly sugared children.

Random Holidays

July 22- Hammock Day: A day contributed to outdoor lounging. The grillmaster should take this day to relax and savor the scent of grilled favorites.

August 3- National Watermelon Day: This day calls for an outdoor celebration. Take advantage of this outdoor time and fire up the grill.

August 10- National S’more’s Day: In order to make the perfect s’more, we need a heat source. The safest heat source is your grill. Gather the graham crackers, chocolate, and marshmallows!

August- The Olympics: Whichever country you are rooting for this Summer Olympics; theme BBQ’s could be a perfect reason to round up friends and family. Hold your own lawn Olympics to see who will win! Grillmaster can be the judge to settle disputes.

Getting Rained Out

The worst case scenario for any BBQ is bad weather. From high wind gusts blowing plates, napkins, and cups across the property to the torrential downpour; Mother Nature is an unexpected guest. Purchasing a tent or canopy can provide guests with a crowded communal umbrella, but a lack of personal space could make guests uncomfortable. This is where having the indoors as a backup plan is a smart idea.

When the guests come inside, there is one more thing to check off the to-do list besides cleaning and cooking; that’s checking your air conditioning unit. A failing AC unit will be a host’s worst nightmare with guests nagging about being wet, trapped inside, and hot. A fully functioning AC unit system will also provide guests who cannot take the heat for various reasons and comfortable environment to enjoy themselves.


Does the Grillmaster Need a New Grill?

Haven’t take advantage of the beautiful summer weather yet? Embarrassed of your grill olds age or depreciated condition? Now is the time to act on that new grill impulse!

The team at Jersey Coast Appliance can guide you to the perfect grill, regardless if you are a novice or a grillmaster. Our inventory of grills ranging anywhere from a hundred dollars to thousands, offering the perfect grill for any budget. We carry a wide variety of barbecue grills including charcoal, gas and electric. Call or stop into one of our locations and let our expert staff help you kick off your grilling season.

Whether it’s a purchase, delivery, installation or service, Jersey Coast Appliance is the only place you’ll ever need to call. And our service staff won’t keep you waiting all day! Our famous two-hour window of arrival for appliance repair is unbeatable and lets you keep to your busy schedule. You can’t get that kind of personal attention from the big box stores.

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