A Late Summer Barbecue – Make It Awesome

The arrival of August signifies that the end of summer is just around the corner. Don’t despair, there is still plenty of time for at least one more fabulous late summer barbecue. It’s the perfect opportunity to grill up some great food, mix up some tasty cocktails and soak up some late summer sun. Having a barbecue is great for gathering with friends and family and making memories that will lift your spirits during the long winter months.

Think it’s too late to plan one last summer barbecue bash before the weather starts to turn? There’s plenty of time – and planning the best barbecue of the summer is easier than you think! Grab your grilling spatula and the margarita mix and let’s get started.

Call Your Friends and Family

Before you do anything, get on the phone! Call or text friends and family the date and time for your backyard bash. With only a few short weeks of summer left, everyone will be trying to cram in as many outings as possible. Give everyone as much notice as possible. Also, start early and end late, that way they all have a chance to show up at some point during the day.

Have Plenty of Great Food

What’s a late summer barbecue without a lot of fabulous food? Today’s grills and grilling recipes go way beyond just the basic hot dogs and hamburgers. While you’ll probably want to have plenty of these classic barbecue favorites on hand, this is a great time to treat you guest to some of your new barbecue favorites. Tempt their taste buds with Red Wine and Blue Cheese Burgers or Jersey Corn with a Kick. Oh and don’t forget dessert – yes, dessert on the grill with Fresh Fire Roasted Strawberries over vanilla ice cream!


Don’t Forget The Cocktails

So if you haven’t reached grill master status or you just want to keep it simple, you can always focus on the cocktails. Tasty and refreshing drinks are just as important as the food, maybe even more important when it comes to a backyard bash. Margaritas are always a great choice! Be a little adventurous – how about fresh watermelon margaritas or raspberry margaritas! You can make a summer sangria punch as well and make sure to have beer and soda on hand as well.

Crank Up the Music

What’s a party without great music to set the mood! Put together the perfect party playlist with something for everyone. Mix classic favorites like a couple of Beach Boys tunes to Kool & the Gang’s Celebration and Pink’s Get The Party Started. The music on your playlist should recall past memories and be the soundtrack for new ones.

Bring on the Competition

With everyone gathered together, it’s the perfect opportunity for some friendly competition. Break out your favorite backyard games. It doesn’t matter what it is, just so it gets everyone involved either participating or from the cheering section on the sidelines. Keep it old school with croquet or bocce ball, or if you have enough space, put up the volleyball or badminton net.


Take Plenty of Pictures

Whether you want them for yourself or you want to make your late summer barbecue a social media sensation on Facebook and Instagram, get plenty of pictures. When you look back at them you will immediately find yourself looking forward to next summer’s backyard bash.

A Late Summer Barbecue Necessity

Without the right grill there won’t be any barbecue! If your grill has been limping along all summer, now is the perfect time to get a new one! Sure the summer is almost over, but a new grill will be the centerpiece of any late summer barbecue. On top of that, you’ll be all ready to show off your grill master skills next summer!

Jersey Coast Appliance is your barbecue grill headquarters here at the Jersey Shore. Our experts will be happy to help you pick out the perfect barbecue grill for your needs. Just stop by one of our two convenient locations and get grilling!


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